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May 4, 2015

Most of the motorcycle produces extreme noises. If you are a rider, you need to protect your hear from these noises. For a rider may be hearing their bike engines throaty rumble sound is wonderful, but this sound and continuous wind noise can quickly damage riders hearing.  By using motorcycle earplugs, a rider can protect their hearing from getting damage by the high decibel noises produced from engine and wind. Motorcycle earplugs for motorcyclists will not only prevent damages to ear, they will help to focus and will not tire quickly while riding.

Types of ear plugs for Motorcycle riders:

There are several types of ear plugs for motorcycle riders.

  • Soft Foam earplugs for Motorcycle riders:

The most common and comfortable earplugs are soft foam earplugs. As they are comfortable, inexpensive and provided efficient protection of ear from noises. It basically used by compressing and then sticking them into ear canal which expends into ear canal and fits in. A user can hear the sounds little muffled, as it is able to prevent more efficiently high frequencies sound then low frequencies sound.

Hearos EarPlugs extreme Protection

  • Reusable earplugs for Motorcycle riders:

With criteria of having durability and lost lasting a motorcycle earplugs should have stems or flanges, which may interfere wearing under helmet. motorcycle earplugs shouldn’t made with high NRR protection as a rider need to be aware of other situations to be safe on road.

  • Moldable wax ear plugs for Motorcycle riders:

Moldable wax earplugs are mainly made of blended wax and cotton fibers. To hold the wax in earplugs together the cotton fibers are needed, cotton even helps to keep the earplugs soft. This earplug is made such a way that it can seal ear canal and fit it. As these earplugs are moldable it will fit individual ear canals shape or size. Moldable wax ear plugs are not suitable for swimming or hot air tube bath or for blocking snoring noises etc., as these air plugs may melt due to heat and even it doesn’t offer much blocking noises. But ideal for blocking high decibel sound and able to hear other important sounds like kids calling, phone ringing or alarm buzz sound.

  • Custom earplugs for Motorcycle riders:

If you are a daily and frequent bike rider best option is to use customized ear plugs. These ear plugs may consist of features like built in filter of acoustic  which will help to remove the loudness and irritation created by sound which can damage and harm ear hearing while riding including allowing to enter the important sounds like human sound or signals of traffic (such as horn) clearly.

How loud motorcycle noise is?

It has been estimated that wind noise under once helmet while the motorcycle at a speed of 100 km/h is around 95 db. Same way, wind noise at an open top car at speed 100km/h is around 110 db which is closely to the noise produced by a drill machine. Whereas, sound greater than 80db is considered as potential hazard for ears. If human ears are exposed in this level of house for several minutes it can cause hearing damage.

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